UW-Stevens Point: Home Economics Timeline: Past To Present (1902-2002)
A celebration of 100 years of dynamic change in Home Economics
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A celebration of 100 years of dynamic change in Home Economics

Commitee Members

Name Grad Year Committee
Tamara Andrews 2002 Steering
Deborah Anstett 1974 All
Mary Ann Baird 1967 Hospitality & Steering
Brant Bergeron 1985 Public Relations & Steering
Jasia Kitowski Chitharanjan 1981 Program & Steering
Jan Hotvedt Cismoski 1985 Program & Steering
Natalie Ciulla 1999 Program
Cheryl Fedje Program & Steering
Kathleen Hennick 1995 Program
Ethel Hill 1940 Hospitality & Steering
Julie Hoffmann 1994 Program
Pam Jewell 1977 Endowment
Agnes Jones Consultant
Jim Linowski 1976 Hospitality & Steering
Lynn Linowski Endowment
Heather Lipinski 2004 Hospitality
Jane Viergutz Menghini 1977 Program & Steering
Barb Mihm 1981 Endowment & Steering
Janet Gelwicks Nelson 1989 Hospitality & Steering
Joan DeGuire North All
Bernadine Peterson 1945 Consultant
Judie Glodowski Pfiffner 1974 Public Relations & Steering
Lorrie Richardson 1981 Program & Steering
Mary Glodowski Sadler 1981 Program
Lois Draeger Sadogierski 1961 Hospitality & Steering
Doris Ockerlander See 1948 Hospitality & Steering
LaDonna Sonntag 1988 Program
Kathe Stumpf Program & Steering
Shari Van Domelen 2002 Hospitality
Amy Rogers Wood 1988 Program
Mary Jane Zdroik 1951 Endowment
Focus Groups Participants

  The last of five regional focus groups met in Green Bay on Monday evening, November 12th. The focus groups were held at the following locations:
College of Professional Studies Building
UW-Marathon Campus
The Sheraton
The Brookfield Marriott
The Radisson
Green Bay

Picture      Dean Joan North and Deb Anstett, Development Director presented the plans to date for the Centennial event and endowment. The attendees spanned 60 decades of education at UWSP. Here's a complete list of those attending:

Name Grad Year Major
Jan Gray Albertson 1978 Home Economics-Business
Elizabeth Delorme Altenburg 1961 Home Economics-Food and Nutrition
Deborah Anstett 1974 CPS Dean's Office - Development
Sue Mertens Arnold 1972 Home Economics Education
Brant Bergeron 1985 Alumni/University Relations Office
Glenna Clark Bushman 1953 Home Economics -Food and Nutrition
BJ Gustafson Cassidy 1971 Home Economics General
Rita Pejsa Christ 1948 Home Economics General
Rose Barbian Cobb 1961 Home Economics Education
Jean Droeger Cotrone 1963 Home Economics Business
Joanne Weber Delforge 1957 Home Economics General
Diana Cory Dietzman 1970 Home Economics Education
Jeanne Brunner Dodge 1964 Home Economics-General
Jane Pachura Dunn 1972 Dietetics
Ann Eggleston 1953 Home Economics Education
Faden Fulleylove-Krause 1974 Home Economics Education
Deb Grenier 1960 Dietetics
Carolyn Klaehn Heisey 1974 Dietetics
Diane Eller Herried 1973 Home Economics General
Ethel Hill 1940 Home Economics Education
Eileen Niemuth Hoehne 1972 Home Economics Ed.
Laurel Tonn Hoeth 1972 Home Economics Education
Beth Janke Hoskins 1960 Home Economics Education
Pam Jewell 1977 Interior Design
Agnes Jones Faculty Emerita
Ann Larsen 1978 Nutrition and Food Science
Jon Lutgen 1998 Family and Consumer Ed.
Jane Menghine 1977 Home Economics Education
Barb Mihm 1981 Interior Design
Donna Thompson Milius 1954 Home Economics General
Janet Gelwicks Nelson 1989 Fashion Merchandising
Joan DeGuire North Dean, CPS
Bernadine Peterson 1945 Home Economics General
Chris Polebitski 1971 Home Economics Education
Bonnie Olson Rawson 1972 Home Economics Education
Audrey Gerbyshak Richards 1958 Home Economics Ed.
Helen Steckbauer Schultz 1954 Home Economics Education
Gloria Heimbruch Schultz 1948 Home Economics Education
Doris Ockerlander See 1948 Home Economics General
Susan Buhrandt Simons 1988 Fashion Merchandising
Doreen Short Stewart 1945 Home Economics Education
Bernadelle Polivka Toser 1954 Home Economics-General
Vivian Krinke Treml 1959 Home Economics Ed.
Kit Werner 1995 Nutritional Sciences, MS
Mary Jane Buss Zdroik 1951 Home Economics Education

  The focus groups had many suggestions for the program including topics for breakout sessions, a campus tour, and a memo board to make contact with other alums. We had many suggested and volunteered items for displays, for our Centennial Store and for our silent auction. Almost everyone attending volunteered to act as a Class Representative and will call up to 10 people from their graduating class to remind them about the reunion. We connected some old friends together again and found addresses for a number of "lost" alumni. And many heartwarming and entertaining stories and memories were shared. Many thanks to those who attended the focus groups and we look forward to seeing you next year!

Class Representatives
    More Information Coming Soon!

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