UW-Stevens Point: Home Economics Timeline: Past To Present (1902-2002)
A celebration of 100 years of dynamic change in Home Economics
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A celebration of 100 years of dynamic change in Home Economics

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Enrollment in UWSP Home Economics Master's Degree Programs.
Picture (25x23, 169 bytes)n the late 1960's the School of Home Economics created two masters' programs, one in Home Economics Education and one in Nutritional Science. Both programs changed names and curriculum over time, but the list below shows the number of students who received masters' degrees over time. The current Human and Community Resources master's program is growing now. The current Nutritional Sciences master's program was put on hold the past two years as the faculty determined a new direction. Fall 2002 the revised Nutritional Sciences Master's will be launched, with a strong concentration on community nutrition, research applied in community settings, and an efficient 12 month completion plan. We will also have an internship program coordinated with the master's by Fall 2003.
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