UW-Stevens Point: Home Economics Timeline: Past To Present (1902-2002)
A celebration of 100 years of dynamic change in Home Economics
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A celebration of 100 years of dynamic change in Home Economics

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Graduates of UWSP Domestic Science, Home Economics and all the programs stemming from the original program.
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Picture (20x23, 164 bytes)nrollment in a program that is 100 years old reflects the ebb and flow of events in the nation. The Home Economics major was in business during two world wars, recessions and booms.
    We relied on early yearbooks and alumni records to search for data regarding the number of students who graduated in the early years. Early graduates may have been in the two-year or three-year or five-year programs. All are listed.
    After the late 1960's graduates from various master's degrees are included.
    Beginning with 1973, the data is from the UWSP Registrar's Office. Beginning in 1997, the Early Childhood Education major was not counted since it moved to the School of Education.
    Thanks to Brant Bergeron and Theresa Wessels in the UWSP Alumni Office, to Ruth Wachter-Nelson from UWSP Archives, and Dave Eckholm, UWSP Registrar for help in Compiling this data. There were years that data from several sources contradicted each other; we did our best to make accurate interpretations.

Joan North, Dean College of Professional Studies, November 1, 2001

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