UW-Stevens Point: Home Economics Timeline: Past To Present (1902-2002)
A celebration of 100 years of dynamic change in Home Economics
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A celebration of 100 years of dynamic change in Home Economics

China and Silverware from the Home Management House and Dietetics Courses.

    Over the years several patterns of silverware and china were used in the Home Management House and later in dietetics courses. The largest set of silverware is Community Silver Plate with "SPN" engraved on the handle. It looks like we had a large service for 20 or so with a wide array of serving pieces. Forks, as near as we can guess are from right to left for shrimp, dessert, salad, dinner. Our guess for spoons from right to left are coffee/tea, soup, dessert, flat, small, large.

Silver Spoons
Silver Spoons
(Right - Left) Dinner Spoon, Place Spoon, Teaspoon, Ice Cream Spoon, 5 O'Clock Spoon, Bouillion Spoon, Demitasse Spoon

Silver Forks
Silver Forks
(Bottom - Top) Dinner Fork, Lunch/Fish Fork, Salad/Dessert Fork, Oyster/Cocktail Fork
(Right - Left) Butter/Tea Knife, Oyster/Cocktail Fork, Salad Fork, Lunch/Fish Fork, Dinner Fork, Dinner Knife, Bouillion Spoon, Dinner Spoon, Teaspoon, 5 O'Clock Spoon, Ice Cream Spoon, Demitasse Spoon
Silver Serving Pieces
Silver Serving Pieces
(Right - Left) Tomato Server, Pie or Cake Server, Serving Spoon, Cream Soup Spoon, Jelly Spoon, Sugar Tongs

Silver Knives
Silver Knives
(Top - Bottom) Butter or Cream Cheese Knife/Tea Knife, Dinner Knife

Shell Silverware
We also have a much more limited set of a shell design of silverware that has "SP Normal" engraved in the stem.
(Right - Left) Dinner Fork, Lunch/Fish Fork, Dinner Spoon, Teaspoon, After Dinner Coffee Spoon
Rodgers 1847
Another silverplate pattern is the Rogers 1847
(Right - Left) Salad Fork, Lunch/Fish Fork, Butter/Tea Knife, Dinner/Place Spoon, Fruit Spoon, 5 O'Clock Spoon, Teaspoon, Soup Spoon

Rosenthal China Rosenthal China
The largest set of china is the Floranada pattern of Rosenthal Ivory china from Bavaria, US patent # 73627. Many of the pieces are numbered.

Syracuse China Syracuse China
Another pattern that was used is the Syracuse china with a small blue rim.

Rossmore China
A set that looks like it was used much later in the century is the Rossmore china.
Haviland China
Other china sets include a white with gold rim, "thomas: by Sevres, Bavaria and a white Haviland china from France.

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