UW-Stevens Point: Home Economics Timeline: Past To Present (1902-2002)
A celebration of 100 years of dynamic change in Home Economics
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A celebration of 100 years of dynamic change in Home Economics

The Centennial Garden Project

Picture (25x22, 163 bytes)o commemorate the celebration of the Centennial of Home Economics, the Steering Committee has proposed the construction of a centennial garden outside the southeast corner of the College of Professional Studies building. The garden will serve as a lasting tribute to the 100-year heritage of home economics at UWSP.
    The garden will include perennial flowers and grasses, a walking path and seating areas. The path will be made of paving bricks engraved with the names of donors to the Centennial Endowment Fund. Note cards and a cookbook are being sold to raise money to pay for the construction of the garden. (see STORE at left)
    Students from Bob Brush's fall Applied Landscape Architecture class used the design of the garden as a class project. After studying the areas outside of the CPS building, each student chose a space and designed a garden based on the specifications for use set forth by the Centennial Steering Committee and suggestions from various alums. Construction is scheduled for summer of 2002 and the garden will be viewed as part of the campus tour during the Celebration on September 21st.
Picture (330x239, 12.3Kb)
Centennial Garden Site
    July,2002 saw the transformation of a grassy triangle at the southeast side of the College of Professional Studies Building begin to take shape as the Home Economics Centennial Garden

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